My Addons:

-Addon Control Panel (helps you make profiles for what addons you want to use in a specific scenario)

-DBM (what you need to avoid things and damage)

-Angry Keystones (helps you put the M+ key instead of searching for it in the bag)

-BigDebuffs (tracks debuffs on raid frames)

-Corruption Tooltips (shows you the level and the corruption level of the item)

-Details (tracks the dmg/healing etc.. while in combat)

-Method Dungeon Tools (helps you plan and sort out the pulls before starting M+)

-MoveAnything (literally moves anything in your ui)

-Myslot (helps you copy your keybinds/macros to other chars)

-OiLvL (shows the item level of your gear and others)

-Omnicc (shows the cc’s on you and enemies)

-Postal (a mail addon that helps you pick everything from your mail with 1 click) (tracks your progress and score in M+ or raid)

-RareScanner (helps you find rares)

-Rarrity (tracks your mounts/toys and helps you with your mount/toy hunting)

-Rematch (saves your last pet battle match and helps you make specific teams vs pets)

-SavedInstaces (shows you the instances that your saved on and tracks many things on all of your chars like M+ keys etc..)

-Scrap Merchant (a tool that lets you scrap many things at once)

-Simulationcraft (helps you copy your gear to sim)

-Weakauras (best addon in wow period.)

-World Quest Tracker (makes you track multiple world quests at once)

-ElvUI (all about my UI)

-AchievementsReminder (Informs about achievements when you enter the instance or take boss to the target)

-AllTheThings (Track your completion for everything)

-Alreadyknown (Simple and small addon to color already known items on vendor and AH frame)

-CollectionShop (Find and buy the lowest buyout Mounts, Pets, Toys, Appearances, and Recipes)

-FriendGroups (Sort your friend list into collapsible groups)

-GTFO (An audible alert when you’re standing in something you’re not supposed to be standing in)

-HandyNotes (Notes for your maps)

-oRA3 (Alot of amazing things)

-InFlight Taxi Timer (Lets you know how long it will take to get to your destination)

-WQAchievements (Can alert you when a world quest is up that is needed for an achievement)